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RMBC have informed us that conditional planning approval has been given to three applications.

RB2020/1741. 18 Warwick Way, North Anston (Single storey front extension to include conversion of garage to form habitable room).

RB2020/1807. Land adj Parkstone House, Crowgate, South Anston (Application to undertake works to a tree(s) protected by TPO No. No.11 (2010))

RB2020/1822. 9 Penny Piece Place, North Anston (Construction of a raised decking to front).

In addition part grant part refusal has been given to one application.

RB2020/1804. 8 Parkstone Place off Crowgate, South Anston (Application to undertake works to a trees protected by RMBC TPO No. 11, 2010).

Further information about all these applications can be found on the RMBC website.

Posted: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 21:37 by Chris Pilkington

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