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RMBC have notified us of four new planning applications.

RB2020/1692. 25 Lockwood Avenue, South Anston (Replacement pitched roof over existing garage and front entrance and conversion of garage to living accommodation). Deadline for comments - 16th November 2020.

RB2020/1701. 14 Wellington Avenue, North Anston (Single storey rear extension and conversion of garage including pitched roof). Deadline for comments - 17th November 2020.

RB2020/1741. 18 Warwick Way, North Anston (Single storey front extension to include conversion of garage to form habitable room). Deadline for comments - 19th November 2020.

RB2020/1747. 14 Windsor Walk, South Anston (Demolition of attached outbuilding and erection of single storey side extension). Deadline for comments - 20th November 2020.

In addition they have also notified us that conditional planning approval has been given to one application.

RB2020/1399. 31 Thirlmere Drive, North Anston (Single storey side and rear extension and new pitched roof over existing side extension and garage).

Further details about all these applications can be found on the RMBC website.

Posted: Mon, 02 Nov 2020 11:42 by Chris Pilkington

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