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Latest Planning Applications

RMBC have notified today of two new planning applications:

RB2020/1011, 12 Thirlmere Drive, North Anston (Single storey side extension).

RB2020/1042, The Bungalow, Quarry Lane, North Anston (Application to undertake works to a tree(s) protected by TPO No.7 dated 7th June 2002).

The deadline to get comments to RMBC about the first application is 27th July and for the second the deadline is 31st July.

RMBC have also notified us today of two planning decisions (RB2020/0509 and RB2020/0723).

Further details about all these applications can be found on the RMBC website.

Posted: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 12:32 by Clerk to the Council

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