Serving the people of Anston

Cllr Drew Tarmey

Anston Parish Council

Drew grew up in the local area and after a brief period in Sheffield he moved to Anston with his partner in 2010. He was elected in 2015 as an independent councillor and later affiliated with the local Liberal Democrat group in 2016.

Drew thinks that Anston is a great place to live and particularly enjoys living in a semi-rural area with the beautiful countryside so close to hand. He is interested in promoting sustainable development and working to reduce our impact on the environment to deliver a cleaner and greener village.

Outside of council life Drew works as an academic medical educator, teaching medical students at one of the country's leading Universities. He is also an avid aviation enthusiast and has spent the last few years restoring a classic four-seat light aeroplane that was built in 1976.

Cllr Tarmey is a member of the Council for the north ward of the parish and is also a member of its Staffing Committee.

2 Limekilns
North Anston
S25 4FB
01909 564760
07472 712249

The register of interests form of Cllr Tarmey can be found on the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council website.

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